The service and workshop is our origin and is in our DNA. When we started more than 30 years ago, we were a simple and easy bicycle mechanic workshop that soon became one of the references of the city. Our ability to incorporate the technical knowledge of all the innovations that were incorporated to the sector was its greatest value; first hydraulic rim brakes in trial bikes, first integrated shifters in road, first forks with springs, elastomer and later hydraulics. Disc brakes on MTB, electronic transmissions on both road and mountain bikes, disc brakes on road bikes and, of course, the development of electric bikes in all their forms.

During all this time, the evolution and adaptation has been constant. Our mechanics are specialists who continue to be trained every season both in product and technical service by the best brands. We have after-sales qualifications from Rock Shox, Fox, Mavic, Shimano, Sram, Brose, Yamaha .... as well as all the tools and diagnostic elements that are within our reach.

For a correct operation of the workshop and to be able to guarantee the best service, we have an appointment service to ensure that your bike is the least time stopped in our workshop. Likewise, if the deadlines are exceeded in an extraordinary way, we have a bicycle service or courtesy material so that if it is possible, you do not stay this weekend without being able to ride.Durante todo este tiempo, la evolución y adaptación ha sido constante. Nuestros mecánicos son especialistas que siguen siendo formados todas las temporadas tanto en producto como en servicio técnico por las mejoras marcas. Contamos con titulaciones de postventa de Rock Shox, Fox, Mavic, Shimano, Sram, Brose, Yamaha.... , así como con todas las herramientas y elementos de diagnostico que están a nuestro alcance.

Para un correcto funcionamiento del taller y para poder garantizar el mejor servicio, contamos con un servicio de cita previa para poder garantizar que tu bicicleta está el menor tiempo parada en nuestro taller. Así mismo, si los plazos se exceden de forma extraordinaria, contamos con servicio de bicicleta o material de cortesía para que si es posible, no te quedes este fin de semana sin poder andar.

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