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Bike lovers don't get off the bike. Most of that time is during the day, high lighting conditions where you need a lot of lumens to be seen by drivers.

But there's no reason why a brightly lit taillight can't be seen on the fastest road bikes. If you invest in the best road bike technology: you deserve an equally fast taillight.

With a high power of 250 lumens, the Flux 250R taillight is visible more than 1.5 km in the most illuminated conditions during the day. Here in Morgan Hill, California, we have those conditions all the time: this is the taillight we made for ourselves and for you.




  • Spherical hybrid lenses and Fresnel with 3 LEDs of great power to be seen at a long distance.
  • Three CREE XBD 901 LEDs for maximum illumination and efficiency.
  • 1000 mAh battery rechargeable via USB in 2:15 hours.
  • Oversized bezel for excellent lateral visibility.
  • Designed to be placed on seatposts with D-section.
  • It includes 3 EPDM anchors of different sizes to fit a wide variety of seatposts.
  • IPX7 waterproofing means you can use it even in the worst rains.
  • Steady High mode: 100 lumens for 3 hours.
  • Steady Low mode: 25 lumens for 12 hours.
  • Power Flash mode: 250 lumens for 8 hours.

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